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Interview Advice

Interview Advice

Excellent, your CV has been good enough to get you an interview; now you need to live up to the client’s expectations. These tips should help….


In order for you to concentrate on what’s important you need to make sure you have everything in place before you arrive.

    * Make sure you know where you’re going (try a dry run if you have the time)

    * Make sure you know who you’re meeting

    * Make sure you know all about the company and the vacancy alike (their web site is often the best place to start)

    * Prepare yourself for the standard questions e.g.

          o Why do you want this job?

          o Why do you want to work with us?

          o What do you know about us?

          o Why should we employ you?

          o What do you see yourself doing in five years time?

          o What do you think of your present role?

          o What has been your greatest success?

          o What has been your biggest failure?

          o What makes you tick?

          o What do you like to do out of work?

    * Read your own CV and see what questions they may have

    * Prepare your questions for them

    * Bring relevant certifications and identification

    * Speak to anyone you know who already works there or has interviewed there in the past, you may get vital information on the interview format

First Impressions

Just like your CV, first impressions matter greatly.

    * Dress comfortably but smartly

    * Shake hands firmly

    * Maintain eye contact, but not for too long

    * Work on your body language, make sure you come across as confident, honest and friendly

    * Smile

    * Speak clearly and confidently


Psychometric/aptitude tests are used to see how you will fit into the role/team/company. There are no right or wrong answers so the best way to approach them is with absolute honesty. You can’t cheat them and you want to make sure you’ll fit in too!

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